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by Samera Entertainment – 27th March 2018

Media Release – ‘Brendan Byrne

by Dane Millerd – 15th February 2018

He’s been likened to a young Russell Crowe and has the intensity and talent to match, but for Brendan Byrne, it’s all about carving his own name in the world of film.

“I’m inspired by many people and creative types like anyone, but the key is then adopting your own style,” he said.“I try to take on interesting and challenging projects that have something to say”.“I think it’s important that as filmmakers we are mindful of who we are, what we stand for and promoting what we believe in.”

Brendan Byrne is an Australian based Actor and Filmmaker who has now starred in over 20 films, including the international multi-award, winning short film ‘Bleeding Backs’, the gritty Australian found footage horror ‘There’s Something in The Pilliga (Half/Human)’ and the soon-to-be-released psychological thriller ‘Death’s Waiting Room’, alongside Aussie legend ‘Roger Ward’ (Mad Max, Boar, Turkey Shoot), which he also helped co-produce.

Brendan believes that, in order to get noticed, you need product, so he decided to start creating his own, and since, has gone on to write, direct, act and produce more than ten short films of his own.Undoubtedly his most publicised and acclaimed work to date has been the controversial short film, ‘I’m Here Too’, which is aimed at teen suicide prevention, and is gaining international recognition and awards. The film is a relevant social commentary on a topic that is, unfortunately, often ignored, but one of the biggest silent killers of today’s youth.

“Brendan is known among his fellow actors and filmmakers as one to watch as an up and coming artist due to his talent, dedication and commitment,” said Pilliga director and producer Dane Millerd.“Marry that with this ‘X-factor’ he has, along with his other all-round filmmaking skills and there isn’t much he can’t do!”

Yet for Byrne, it’s about the work, not the kudos or notoriety.“I believe you have to have a bit of obsession to succeed and a one-track mindset,” said Brendan.“It has helped me get this far, and with so much going on this year I hope that same attitude can take me further.”

Yes, folks, Brendan Byrne is a star on the rise and one to watch!

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