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When filming, especially in public places, the interference from bystanders can sometimes be awkward or dangerous for the crew and cast to deal with. This can then further lead to falling behind on schedule or not getting the desired shot at all. This is why the requirement to have security guards on set is a MUST. Our Security Officers are motivated by Professionalism, and Customer Service and have a large understanding of the entertainment industry.

Static Security is one thing that is often over looked until it’s too late. However having Security in place can often make sure the filming goes to schedule with as few hassles as possible, a few reasons you may consider having On-Set Security are: -

Protect and prevent thousands of dollars worth of equipment being left un-supervised or damaged.

Controlling Crowds

Dispel Violent and Non-Violent interference from bystanders

Prevent trespassing on private property

Dealing with aggressive neighbours or public nuisance

Safety of Cast and Crew

Knowledge of legislation, to avoid potential fines or prosecution for Production Company.

Another reason you may choose to have Static Security on site, is if you have a 'Hot-Set'. Imagine you have spent hours and hours dressing the set, only to not be able to get the desired shot, or worse you already started filming and have had to stop, mid way through. Continutiy is a huge issue, and having something as simple as a few cushions out of place, hours later, or even the next day can change the dynamic's of the scene, but unfortunately you wont notice till it's too late in post-production. Our Static officers will sit on set, (even over night) and watch over it making sure nothing happens to it, saving you valuable time and money in the long run.


The expectation of having your film picked up and displayed in cinemas Nationally and Internationally is quite high when it comes to Australian films these days. The industry is growing and we are seeing more and more red carpet events and screenings taking place all over Australia.

The concept of Bodyguarding is to provide close personal protection to an individual that may have either a specific threat or non specific threat against them. The service provided is a form of non invasive protection, for the added comfort and relaxation of the Actors, and Crew.

Some reasons for protecting persons can include:

Escorts to and from set.

Escorts from one location to another.

Prevent access to the person by the Media, Autograph Hunters or the General Public.

Deterence and Prevention of violence against the person.

Media Hype - The first point of getting noticed is being seen... When you have a few bodyguards around you, people will ask questions. Natural human instict will kick in and people may assume, that if you are important enough to have a bodyguard, then you must be someone worth their interest.

Remember: The media are there for you, so use them to your advantage.


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